Gratitude Journal

Posted by Mrs. W. on Mar 9, 2013

Being grateful is one of the best things that we can do. An easy and fun way to do this and develop a daily habit is to create a Gratitude Journal for yourself. It can be any size you want, with our without lines. You can write in it, draw in it, cut and paste images into it. Use pencil crayons, markers, stickers…add colour. The sky is the limit as long as you focus on people, things, experiences, events that you are thankful for. Be creative!

If you make it a habit to write in it every single day, you will notice a change in the way you look at things and your life. You will be focusing on the positive things. As you do this, you will most likely start to notice more and more positive things in your days and n your life.

To begin with, you can start small, write 3 things and slowly work your way up to 10 if you can. Maybe encourage and inspire others in your family to join in this activity or maybe your close friends. You can share what you are grateful for with each other.

If you’re not sure how to start, here are some sentence starters for you to use:

  • Today I am grateful for….
  • An awesome thing happened today….
  • I appreciate…
  • It was so awesome when…

Well, I hope that helps you get going with you Gratitude Journal and practice of paying attention to what you are thankful for. It could be something someone said or did, something you have, something you accomplish and feel good about. Good luck and feel free to share.




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Posted by Mrs. W. on Nov 12, 2011

Confidence is having faith in yourself and in someone else. Self-confidence is trusting that you have what it takes to handle whatever happens. You feel sure of yourself and enjoy trying new things, without letting doubts or fears hold you back. When you have confidence in others, you rely on them.

Confidence, Raising Mindful Kids, Inspiring Greatness


Fears, doubts, worries, the opinions of others hold us back when we do not have confidence. We worry about making a mistake, we don’t take on new challenges and we are affected by what others think or say.


  • feel sure of yourself even if you win, fail, succeed or not
  • try new things and discover what you are good at
  • think positively, believe in yourself and your abilities
  • learn from your challengs and mistakes
  • celebrate your successes


“I am confident. I love to try new things and do my best. I appreciate my gifts and abilities. I welcome new possibilities. I trust all things work together for good. ”


  1. When do you feel most confident?
  2. When do you need confidence the most?
  3. What are you best at? What gave you the confidence to try or do it the first time?
  4. Is there anone that helps to encourage confidence in you?

Think positively! Go for it! Know you can!


Posted by Mrs. W. on Sep 26, 2011

Respect is an attitude of caring about people. It means we value ourselves and others and treat them with kindness and courtesy.

Think about how you would like others to treat you and treat them in the same way. If you want to use other people’s things (friends, brothers, sisters, classmates), ask first and then take care of them.

Affirmation (good to repeat): I am respectful. I treat others and myself as we eserve to be treate. I show courtesy and consideration to others, belongings and property.

Questions to think about. You can post your answers if you like.

1. What are 3 ways you alreay show respect?
2. What are some ways you can show more respect to yourself or others or your belongings?
3. How might you show respect if you disagree with your teacher?
4. How does it feel when you are treated disrespecctfully?
5. How does it feel when you are treated drespecctfully?

Respect, Raising Mindful Kids, Inspiring Greatness









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Mind Movie For Kids

Posted by Mrs. W. on Aug 6, 2011

•★• There are so many ways today for improving self esteem and reinforcing positive behaviors.

•★• The use of inspirational and motivational videos is one way and this is a good one.

•★• There are positive messages/affirmations in the slides and in the lyrics of the song.

•★• Who you are IS important!!!•★•

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Positive Intentions-Affirmations

Posted by Mrs. W. on Jun 25, 2011

The conscious mind (like the tip of the iceberg) is the part of the mind we think with, learn and communicate with. Affirmations are positive statements that, we repeat on a a daily or regular basis. Doing this helps to plant them, in a way, in the sub-conscious mind (this is the part of the mind below the surface (like the hidden part of an iceberg). As we work with and repeat affirmation, they become real for us. They also help us to shift and change our attitude and mindset to accomplish what we need and want in our lives more easily.

It’s important to understand that just as positive affirmations bring what we want, negative affirmations (and beliefs) can also attract what we don’t want. Our negative thoughts and chatter can prevent us from achieving positve, successful results. This happens because it is what we are focusing on, even if we are not aware of it.

Our subconscious mind does not really know if an affirmation is positive or negative it just works with the information it has stored. It accepts as true what we keep thinking, repeating and even saying. Over time, this attracts events and situations that match what we are thinking and saying into our life, whether they are good or bad for us.

That’s why it is SO important to choose only positive statements! When we affirm in a positive way, we build more successful experiences. Be aware of what kinds of messages are going on inside you and that you are giving attention to. Check yourself… you will get better at noticing negative ones and replacing them with positive ones!

Check out the page with a list of affirmations. More will be added over time and you can create your own.

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Taking the First Step

Posted by Mrs. W. on Jun 14, 2011

Taking the first step in new situations, learning something new can be scary, exciting and/or challenging all at the same time. The cool thing is, you’ve done it before and you can do it again. Remembering that will always helps when something new comes up for you.

Ask for help and support if you need to and go for it. NO trying…. just DO it!!! It’s like roller coaster ride sometimes…. we scream and shout and love it in the end. Smile and enjoy the steps along the way. Before you realize it, you will have learned and mastered something new. When this happens you open another door or window to more opportunities and possibilities.

Waiting Outside The Lines

Posted by Mrs. W. on Apr 28, 2011

I have to say this is a pretty inspiring song with a great message!!!

I love seeing the talent in young people. Enjoy…

Comments… :)

Awesome lyrics so I thought I’d attach them:

“Waiting Outside The Lines”

You’ll never enjoy your life,
Living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
How you gonna reach the top?

Rules and regulations,
Force you to play it safe
Get rid of all the hesitation,
It’s time for you to seize the day

Instead of just sitting around
And looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
The time is now

I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines

Try to have no regrets
Even if it’s just tonight
How you gonna walk ahead
If you keep living blind?

Stuck in the same position,
You deserve so much more
There’s a whole world around us,
Just waiting to be explored

Instead of just sitting around
And looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
The time is now, just let it go

Don’t wanna have to force you to smile
I’m here to help you notice the rainbow
‘Cause I know what’s in you is out there

I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting,
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines

I’m trying to be patient (I’m trying to be patient)
The first step is the hardest (the hardest)
I know you can make it,
Go ahead and take it

I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting
I’m waiting

I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting
I’m waiting, waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines

You’ll never enjoy your life
Living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
How you gonna reach the top?


One Moment in Time

Posted by Mrs. W. on Apr 23, 2011

Wow…. what an amazing voice this young girl has at such a young age!!! This is the power of determination, perseverance and commitment. She has been singing for years now. You can check her other songs on You Tube. I am going to include the lyrics of the song below for you to see. They are very powerful with a strong message. Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts.

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Perseverance, Determination and Commitment

Posted by Mrs. W. on Apr 21, 2011

So often I talk about the importance of certain virtues or character traits that we have. Virtues are gifts we are born with. They are like “spiritual muscles” which we are here in this world to develop. We develop them throughout life as we are guided and inspired by our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and many others. There are also many times we don’t believe very much in ourselves, the thoughts in our minds are not positive and encouraging.

We hear, “I can’t, it’s too hard, I don’t know how,” and so on, and so on. Sadly, these thoughts often win out if and when we don’t have an inner fire to keep moving forward no matter what…. a desire to be successful. If we are blessed, we have other people who may help light that fire within us. When this happens, the tools/virtues that can be called upon are perseverance,  determination and commitment.

These are the qualities that make us “stick with it” and keep going when:

  • we want something really badly
  • we think/believe we can’t
  • something is hard to do
  • we need to show ourselves and others that we can

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Ripple of Our Heartbeat

Posted by Mrs. W. on Apr 16, 2011
•♥• Most of us know what happens when we drop or throw a pebble in the water, it creates rings that move outward from the center. This video shows what happens when we understand that our heartbeat is much like the pebble in the water.
•♥• And if we each through a pebble in a pond, the circles created would touch each other and create little waves. This is exactly what happens when we connect our hearts together. We can accomplish so much when we connect together with positive intentions and the desire to do good for ourselves and in the lives of others.
•♥• For some, you may not understand all of the video, others will. Just know that everything you think, say and do matters…. always. Maybe you might be inspired to think a little more carefully at what ripple you are putting out there into the world. Is it loving, kind, compassionate, caring, gentle, helpful…. or is it aggressive, hurtful, mean, uncaring, rough. And if it is one of those, what can YOU do about it…or who can you turn to to help you be more of who you want to be. What needs to shift or change for you, so that the ripple you put out ans share with the world contributes in a positive, helpful, inspiring way…?

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