Gratitude Journal

Posted by Mrs. W. on Mar 9, 2013

Being grateful is one of the best things that we can do. An easy and fun way to do this and develop a daily habit is to create a Gratitude Journal for yourself. It can be any size you want, with our without lines. You can write in it, draw in it, cut and paste images into it. Use pencil crayons, markers, stickers…add colour. The sky is the limit as long as you focus on people, things, experiences, events that you are thankful for. Be creative!

If you make it a habit to write in it every single day, you will notice a change in the way you look at things and your life. You will be focusing on the positive things. As you do this, you will most likely start to notice more and more positive things in your days and n your life.

To begin with, you can start small, write 3 things and slowly work your way up to 10 if you can. Maybe encourage and inspire others in your family to join in this activity or maybe your close friends. You can share what you are grateful for with each other.

If you’re not sure how to start, here are some sentence starters for you to use:

  • Today I am grateful for….
  • An awesome thing happened today….
  • I appreciate…
  • It was so awesome when…

Well, I hope that helps you get going with you Gratitude Journal and practice of paying attention to what you are thankful for. It could be something someone said or did, something you have, something you accomplish and feel good about. Good luck and feel free to share.




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