Gratitude Journal

Posted by Mrs. W. on Mar 9, 2013

Being grateful is one of the best things that we can do. An easy and fun way to do this and develop a daily habit is to create a Gratitude Journal for yourself. It can be any size you want, with our without lines. You can write in it, draw in it, cut and paste images into it. Use pencil crayons, markers, stickers…add colour. The sky is the limit as long as you focus on people, things, experiences, events that you are thankful for. Be creative!

If you make it a habit to write in it every single day, you will notice a change in the way you look at things and your life. You will be focusing on the positive things. As you do this, you will most likely start to notice more and more positive things in your days and n your life.

To begin with, you can start small, write 3 things and slowly work your way up to 10 if you can. Maybe encourage and inspire others in your family to join in this activity or maybe your close friends. You can share what you are grateful for with each other.

If you’re not sure how to start, here are some sentence starters for you to use:

  • Today I am grateful for….
  • An awesome thing happened today….
  • I appreciate…
  • It was so awesome when…

Well, I hope that helps you get going with you Gratitude Journal and practice of paying attention to what you are thankful for. It could be something someone said or did, something you have, something you accomplish and feel good about. Good luck and feel free to share.




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Inspiring Thoughts

Posted by Mrs. W. on Jan 26, 2011

We all pick up messages when we are growing up from our parents, siblings, families,  friends, teachers and others. Sometimes these messages are positive and encouraging, and sadly, sometimes they are not. Read the message on the card, and see how you respond to the words. Are they true for you…or not? Please feel to leave a comment. 

To your brilliance!!!   


Connect to Your Dreams

Posted by Mrs. W. on Jan 16, 2011

To see within your heart is to understand what it is that you dream. Go as deep as you need too, to discover all that you are meant to be. Within you is the beginning of your journey. Go deep and catch a falling star, to discover where you are, as to where you desire to be. ~Gigi Galluzzo~

When you go within it gives you the opportunity to be still and quiet, to connect with your heart and your inner wise voice. This special place is where you can find the answers to questions you may have. It is a place to connect with the wonder of who you really are…. a magnificent, wonderful human being.


Go within. You will find all that you were ever seeking. You will find a fountain filled with life force forever flowing. You will discover who you really are and what you came here to do. We are all unique & here to bring our specialty to the world. What is it that is so unique about you that nobody ever had or ever will posses. ~Monika Burwise~

What do you feel is unique about you?
What or how are you here to contribute?

Feel free to share in the comment section.
(Only your first name and age will be posted).

“Quiet Time”

Posted by Mrs. W. on Jan 9, 2011

As a teacher, I have practiced mindfulness exercises with students for about 15 years. One of my favourites is “Quiet Time”. In today’s busy world, full of never ending busyness and stimulus, there is very little focus on, or time for stillness or quiet time. And yet, I have found that once introduced to “Quiet Time”, not only do students like it, they ask to do it again and again. Telling them to sit back in their chairs with spine straight, meets with “yeahs”.

The breath is always what is focused on first. Deep breaths in and out….holding then releasing. I then choose any number of visualizations, guided imageries, and or affirmations to focus on…or simply allow silence and stillness. Sometimes combining this time with journal writing or reflective writing is also very  powerful. It helps the students to integrate their own experience and insights.

Here are a few comments I have received from students about “Quiet Time”:

  • During Quiet Time I felt that I love myself and I trust myself. I feel happy and great about myself.
  • I think Quiet Time helps me love me more than I ever do and helps me feel more relaxed.
  • During Quiet Time I felt as if inner peace came out and showed me how to calm down.
  • During quiet Time I feel so great because I don’t do this and I hope we can do this every day when we have you.
  • During quiet Time I thought it was a time to see another part of me that I never saw before.
  • I thought Quiet Time was great for me, relaxing my whole body to who I am in my heart.
  • During Quiet Time I felt free and like I had hope in everything I do.
  • During Quiet Time I felt so relaxed. I have never felt so alive to do whatever I want.
  • I think Quiet Time was a peaceful time to feel and see the other side of your heart.


It is very humbling to work with students in this way, helping them to experience what it’s like to just ‘be’ still and rest there awhile.

To their magnificence….