6+ billion people, holding Japan in their hearts…

Posted by Mrs. W. on Mar 13, 2011

Quite a beautiful thought! I saw this on Facebook it was posted by Joe Noonan. He said to share the message, so that’s what I’m doing.

Join in its magic and healing!
You are invited to imagine it, giving it power and life…

6+ billion people sending waves of light to Japan…..
6+ billion blessings energizing the people, animals, land and sea…
6+ billion vibrations of love, touching everything that is upset…
Imagine the power of that!

Keep imagining! :) (…and pass it on!)
From Joe Noonan

Inspiring Words

Posted by Mrs. W. on Feb 12, 2011

In my travels about today I came across some really inspiring quotes and thought I’d share them and see if any are meaningful to you. Hope you enjoy them and they make you think a bit.

  • The appreciation I have for you is beyond words, as you are a magical creation, and your miraculous nature is always uplifting the world, when you are creating from the heart, and not the mind.
  • Your heart is golden, meaning that it has something inside of it, that cannot be explained in words, and it is the vibration that it carries, that we can all feel, and know to be here in love.
  • Notice how angry or violent you are every day, and that alone will help to transform completely out of holding onto any aggression, and make for a more peaceful life now.
  • The more you hate, the less you can love, the more you judge, the less you can accept, and this is the ultimate truth, and the more we resist, the less we grow, as notice that the sun never resists its shine to the Earth.
  • Peace is something that we have, and can never let go of, as it is only hate, grief, sadness, and any other destructive emotion that we all have the choice to let go of.
  • Life can only get better when we allow it to be so, as it will never get better if we do not give ourselves the intent to do so.

The author of all these inspired quotes is Anitheiess Jackson.  He has a beautiful gift to share with this world, just as each and every one of you do. Feel free to leave your comments.


Mrs. W.