The Vision


Our children are a precious gift to all of us. We have a sacred responsibility to help them become everything they are meant to be…to achieve their potential and discover their unique gifts and abilities. When they discover these truths, that they are totally AWESOME and INCREDIBLE and so much more, they will be inspired and motivated to contribute in meaningful ways, willingly and naturally.

As a teenager I was a camp and youth counsellor working with children of all ages. I am a mother of 3 adult children who are absolutely amazing. Raising them had it’s share of ups and downs just like any other family. While they were young I was active again in the youth organization taking on the role of Program Director for a residential camp. This gave me the opportunity to train youth counsellors.

Following my heart’s calling, I became an elementary school teacher and have been teaching for over 20 years. Being an inspired learner I have always taken additional courses and workshops to become the best person I can be and have discovered and developed my talents and abilities.

 I am also a certified Virtues Project Facilitator.

My vision is to create a site where kids and youth can learn powerful ways that they can be inspired to be more caring and compassionate. They will have an opportunity to share their contributions to their families and communities.  They will be encouraged to post their thoughts, and stories and share them with others.

We all learn from each other and kids are great teachers!!

This is a very exciting vision for me. It is something I am truly passionate about.

May it inspire greatness in our children,


♥ ~ I look forward to sharing this vision and journey with you. ~ ♥